Ministry of psycho moscow 2001

The organisers of the hearings presented the results of an online survey carried out by them in which 613 respondents took part, chosen from various social and age groups, the majority of whom were not directly affected by psychiatric issues. 40% of those surveyed believed that reform of the mental health system and the creation of alternative structures for living should take place in parallel; 25% are sure that psychiatric units need not only to be reformed, but that the institutions should be completely changed; 4% believe that reform is necessary but should lead to solving certain problems “in these institutions”. Practically all representatives from the expert community, as well as those taking part in the online survey, expressed the opinion that psycho-neurological institutions should cease to exist in their current form.

Over the next fourteen years, the band performed in France , Germany , Monaco , Poland , Romania , Ukraine , Lithuania , Latvia , and Japan . They also took part in a number of international music festivals, including Kazantip (Ukraine), Subtropique (Georgia), Popkomm (Germany), Grimaldi Forum (France), Nu Jazz, NOKIA Lab (Russia), and MIDEM (France).

Ministry Of Psycho Moscow 2001Ministry Of Psycho Moscow 2001Ministry Of Psycho Moscow 2001Ministry Of Psycho Moscow 2001